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sofa upholstery in dubai

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There are more sorts of Dubai Upholstery than you may imagine. Customers always have a choice when it comes to leatherzone Upholstery Dubai; they can choose a gorgeous light silk for a bedroom chair or a durable fabric for their children. We are prepared to assist. Please get in touch with us for guidance if you are unsure whether your cloth is appropriate for your project. Please be aware that you might be required by fire regulations to use FR-treated fabric or a flame-retardant barrier cloth. We are again delighted to offer advice.

Leather sofa upholstery in dubai
leather upholstery in dubai

The material that covers padding or upholstery on furniture, such as furniture in Dubai, influences the piece’s appearance and personality. You can make custom upholstery fabric to meet your individual decor needs. There are many various types of upholstery available in leatherzone Upholstery Dubai. Since this item will be in your home, office, or other private space for a long time, it is crucial that you take your time picking the material that is perfect for you. The two primary functions of upholstery fabric are to protect the real upholstery as well as to look good.

Many individuals choose to have trendy fabric covering their chairs, sofas, as well as other furniture when it comes to creating a bespoke style. Our fabric is also ideal for restoring worn-out furniture, which can be an interesting and satisfying project. Moreover, you may use it to decorate your home with curtains and other items. What room is this for? is an important question to ask yourself while deciding which cloth is best for you. What kind of activities will be conducted in this space? Will this furniture be utilized frequently? etc. Why are these inquiries so important? Each fabric has certain qualities that make it a fantastic choice for a family room.


When clients come to us, they are convinced that they are making the right choice because of our more than ten years of experience and collaboration with experts around the world.


At Leatherzone Upholstery Dubai, we think that only excellent quality will allow us to truly provide our customers with one-of-a-kind and distinctive items.


With more than a decade of experience and assistance from experts across the world, Leatherzone Upholstery LLC has grown steadily to become a pioneer in upholstery, repair, and cushion supplying.

Sofa Upholstery

Our well-liked Leatherzone Upholstery Collection is perfect for your office or home. Request A Free Upholstery Quote.

Leather Sofa Repairing

You can get a great selection of sofa repairs at Leatherzone Upholstery that will fit any budget or lifestyle.


You can find a wide selection of headboards at Leatherzone Upholstery to fit any design and price range.


You can get a wide selection of cushion replacement foams at Leatherzone Upholstery that will fit any lifestyle and price range.


You can get a great selection of Majlis at Leatherzone Upholstery that will fit any lifestyle and price range.

Leather Sofa Upholstery

You can find a great selection of leather sofa upholstery at Leatherzone Upholstery Dubai that will fit any lifestyle or budget.

leather upholstery sofa repair

We just believe in using the best products available for the job, whatever they may be, and love the opportunity to blend the traditional craft with contemporary design.

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