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Dashboard Leather Repair Or Replacement

There are services available for your car’s dashboard leather, including repair and replacement. We may either repair or replace the entire dashboard leather due to aging, dryness, or fading, depending on the kind and extent of the damage.

Our specialists are here to assist you if you wish to fix or replace the leather inside of your car. We always use the best materials, and we are sure we can help you restore or replace your interior. Nothing will stop you from enjoying yourself to the fullest on the roads of Dubai and Abu Dhabi once you’ve arrived at Leatherzone Upholstery.

Why Get Our Dashboard Leather Repair Or Replacement Service?

Your car’s interior may look better and last longer with a car dashboard leather repair or replacement service. A leather repair or replacement service may raise the resale value of your car and offer a distinctive, high-class touch.

When you choose leather, you can count on a high-quality repair that will last for many miles and be robust. The best part is that we repair leather seats inside to meet or surpass the highest quality requirements. We refer to it as “Leather Like” mending. Additionally, our expert specialists produce better outcomes. In essence, we’ll just show you the greatest outcomes for you to admire.

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Whether your dash is cracked, torn, rusty or just plain “beat up”,

Using thermo vacuum forming, we can return the dash to its correct factory original specifications.

When your component arrives at our facility, we remove any necessary old vinyl and foam. Then, using new and improved polyethylene foam, we can manually reassemble it to take on its original shape and size. Next, the pad is vacuumed. formed using vinyl of the proper grain and higher quality than the original. Forget about covers, caps, or even NOS dash pads because they will crack eventually.

You should only trust the best in the business to restore your original dash pad because we will match the vinyl’s grain and color.

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We just believe in using the best products available for the job, whatever they may be, and love the opportunity to blend the traditional craft with contemporary design.

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