Leather Repair in Dubai

At Leatherzone Upholstery, we understand that quality leather is valuable, which is why we focus on the quality of our service. An experienced leather repair technician who knows how to accurately repair leather damage. A few points to know before doing leather repair and restoration:

  • Extends the life of leather.
  • Low prices & Quick Time – Leather repair companies in Dubai offer top quality and fast leather repairs.
  • Professional leather care including regular care and cleaning of leather furniture.
leather repair in Dubai

Three sorts of leather repairs are there: cosmetic repairs, stain removal, and leather sprays. Leatherzone Upholstery have group of experts to do all three of these kinds of leather restoration, and these three kinds of repairing methods are intended to address issues that may impact leather lounge sets.

  • Leather Cosmetic Repair – To prevent future deterioration of your sofa or chair, our leather cosmetic repair service takes care of cuts, burns, scrapes, nicks, pen marks, small tears and peeling.
  • Leather Lounge Stain Removal – Our stain removal service gets rid of all kinds of stains, including ones from food, drink, and colors as well as from hair products.
  • Leather Repair – Our leather spray option is great for fixing fading, sunburn, color transfer, cat scratches and color matching on your replacement panels. If the damage is too much, you still have options
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