Leather repair in Dubai

Leather repair in Dubai-Car Interior, Leather furniture UAE

Leather repair in Dubai

Ripped, shabby or scratched leather can damage a sofa, car interior or bag easily, making it less attractive, less resistant to the elements, and less able to do its job.

The leather Zone Upholstery LLC are able to work with ruined leather to repair it to top condition, repairing torn, general wear and tear and restoring functionality to damaged items without issues.


Cracked and shabby leather can be restore to its past glory and made to look as great as new, and even severe damage can be repair and recolored to give your glitched sofa, bag or car interior many more years of use at a fraction of the price of recovery or replacement.

If your sofa is worn or your bag damaged and you need the leather repair in UAE, We’re here for you.