Personalized Leather Repair

Our services include Cleaning, Leather Repairing, Re-coloring & Dyeing, Color Restoration, polishing leather shoes and bags including all your luxury leather belongings.

We assure the best services with best quality

Personal items are precious and when they are made of leather, they are priceless. An accidental scratch or careless usage may loss its value forever. Those comfortable pair of shoes, stylish handbag, convenient wallet or your all-time exclusive leather jacket, all fade out if not taken care of. We don’t use it anymore, but we can’t let it go as it is. Thanks to Leather Zone Upholstery, the best leather repair company in Dubai. All your favorite items made up of leather can be fully reestablish as how it was before when you bought.

Leather Zone can understand not just the value of your personal items made up of leather but also the sentiments behind each one of them and we are able to restore them to their original dignity. When your personal products are made up of leather-like leather jacket, leather valet or purse, or handbag gents damaged, you can bring them to us, and we will take care of your scratches, stains, scuffs, and tears. Our leather technicians are skilled and have dealt with almost every type of leather good, finding fast and practical solutions to fix any issues. If your leather is damaged and it’s beyond repair, just come for the test and ask for a free quotation, we will surprise you!

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