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Your Leather Cleaning Company in UAE

Shine Your Leather

When you are a proud owner of leather furniture, you need a reliable leather cleaning company you can trust. Fortunately, there is one here. Leather Zone Upholstery L. L. C. We offer a flexible leather deep cleaning service. Our services are suitable for any budget and ensure that we arrange effective support at the right time.

For proper furniture and car seat care in the UAE, Leatherzone leather cleaning is available. With us you get all the following bonuses:

  • Free surveys on site available
  • Insured service for every type of upholstery
  • Professional equipment, 100% eco-friendly materials
  • Flexible booking slots and payment methods
  • Competitive prices, no hidden fees

As an experienced and recognized leather cleaning company, we have grown to be one of the leading companies in this field. Today, we are proud of all the positive feedback on cleaning restoration of commercial and residential leather furniture.

Clean and polish with professional cleaning product that has been carefully wiped with a cotton cloth. The cleaner is equipped with the proper cleaning techniques and tools that prepare for your furniture. It will be as soft and comfortable as new.

Our mission is not only to disinfect leather and upholstery, but also to bring them back to their best condition. Extend your life and enjoy longer!

leather sofa cleaning

Our Cleaners Are Experienced

The best leather sofa cleaning service in the UAE has built a reliable and hard-working team of well-trained cleaners. Our cleaners are insured and have the necessary skills. They all follow our basic principles and general hygiene standards. They are ready to accommodate your personal instructions and individual requirements. We motivated cleaners who are devoted to their work. You never leave your fortune with an unfinished job!

We Use Safe Leather Cleaning Methods

Since our founding, we have never ignored our main policy of maintaining your well-being. Our leather cleaning service is environmentally friendly and does not contain harmful or dangerous products. All cleaning agents, enzyme-based products, stain and odor removers are 100% risk-free. They are organic, certified and tested. Our cleaning equipment is environmentally friendly and does not pose a danger to pets or children.

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