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Car seat repair

Automotive Seats

Door Panels

Centre Console

Roof Headliners

Leather zone car upholsterers can recover your custom classic car with your choice of fabric or leather, replace or repair your ripped or sagging headlining, and depending on the make and model of your car, we can even repair the upholstery on your dash, door panels or seats.

We specialise in leather restoration and repairing of damaged, mismatched, dirty added vinyl, plastics found in the auto mobile. Leather can be completely revitalised and some cases we can provide complete colour change. Car seats professionally deep cleaned and treated. Fixing car seat leather tears, rips, discolouration, jeans mark removal, cigarette burns repaired, steering wheel colour fade treatment.

Professional Car Interior Upholstery and Re-upholstery

With our experienced and qualified auto upholstery team, you will be delighted with the finished product and your auto upholstery will stand the rest of time.

Even tired late model cars can be repaired. If you have ripped seat, we may be able to simply replace a panel, saving your time and money.

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