Console & Dashboards Repair...

100% Satisfaction

Do you drive the vehicle with the dashboard broken or damaged? Doesn’t it seem like the overall drive quality is compromised?

Accidents can occur outside the vehicle, but damage inside the vehicle cannot be repaired. Scratches and scratches on the dashboard can be easily and professionally repaired without the need for a new purchase.

Car Dashboard Repair in Dubai

There are many areas in your car that can be damaged by everyday use. You can fill damaged dashboard sections, duplicate the original texture, and recolor and blend the affected areas with special tools and highly skilled technicians. We do a lot of leather and vinyl dashboard repairs. Call us today to discuss your repair today!

Plastic Trim Repairs

Interior trim and plastic repair services cover holes that may have been created by trying to remove a cell phone holder or other device or accessory that leaves scratches or scratches on the door or door panel. Don’t hesitate to see our repair work in our gallery.

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