Booth Seating in Dubai

Custom made Banquet seating and Booth seating

To get design inspiration, our portfolio of seating styles shows how our customers have evolved their styles to be completely bespoke.
An in-house team of experienced design experts can help you create the perfect banquet seat solution. Whether your project requires seating in a restaurant, pub, bar, nightclub, or coffee shop, we can help you find a solution that meets your needs. Our in-house designing department will work with you to create a stylish seating area that you can customize and adjust to your requirements.

booth seating

Seating Styles

There are so many seating styles to choose from, each adding personality to a hotel, restaurant, or bar. Everything we design and build is bespoke, so consider the style of the booth seats at the venue.

Seating Options

Our service is totally customized to match your individual needs. For added comfort, style, and luxury, we offer a variety of seating options and all of those can be modified to match your needs.


Looks familiar, right? For many years, we’ve supplied customized seating and other additional items to popular establishments across the UAE and beyond. 


Don’t worry-we offer non-binding consultations and free offers.
Need another service? Talk to us, we can do almost anything the contract furniture industry needs.
Unlike other suppliers, we have an in-house team of professionals with many years of experience and talk about your furniture and seating needs to find the best solution for you.


Most frequent questions and answers

If you are considering adding a bench seat to your kitchen, follow the expert advice. Ideally, each person should have at least 27 inches of space to sit comfortably. The bench should be at least 24 inches deep, as you want to leave room for angled backs and cushioned seats.

If two benches or banquettes  are placed facing each other across the table, they are considered booth.

Banquet seats are seating type seats, and booth seats are a type of sitting space. Are you still confused? The concept of the cabin is to provide a comfortable and semi-enclosed space for small groups.

Restaurant stands are mainly made of laminate, upholstery and wood. These various types of materials enhance the decoration according to the theme of the restaurant. The laminated cabin features an easy-to-clean panel on top of a wooden frame.

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